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DR .P.J. Prathuyush
Managing Director
Pockanchery Suvarna Ayurvedic
Products Thriprayar-680566
Thrissur, Kerala-India
Ph: 0487-2391980
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We administer to the cardiac patients only those medicines which are prepared as per Ayurvedic tradition under Dr. Jayathilakan’s own supervision. As the efficacy of a medicine depends upon the nature of ingredients and their quality, this doctor intervenes at every stage of preparation. This medicinal preparation may take 100 or 110 days to become efficacious in treatment. And once they come out of devoted labour of 100% sincerity and truthfulness, they are administered to patients with meditative prayers.It is not just medicine that do wonders here. But the minds of the patients who take these medicines and the doctor who administers them should be in unison and coherence.

When the minds of patients brighten up the darkness of diseases flee.Dr. Jayathilakan’s heart treatment and medicinal preparations are in tune with the laws of nature. He makes use of medicinal herbs in his treatments. There is an adage that the “cure (medicines) for everyone is in his/her vicinity”. With the medicines prepared in the traditional way as per this adage using natural plants, Dr. Jayathilakan treats the diseases of his patients, consoles and enlivens their hearts, thereby affixing the thumb impression of the Almighty. His ways really startles those native physicians who prescribes American Medicines. In the diversified climatic conditions of Kerala lying in the tropical region and its peculiarities like monsoon are very much suitable for Ayurvedic system of treatments and its efficacy. Because of its climatic and geographical peculiarities, Kerala has a wide variety of rare species of medicinal plants.

Dr.Jayathilakan makes use of these favourable factors in the preparation of his medicines. Dr.Jayathilakan is very much particular not just about the medicines his patients must take, but also about the food they should have. His statement that “I give my patients not medicines but the food they require a day”reveals his stress on the diet of his patients as well as the importance of food on the methodology of our treatment.

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