Cardiac treatment without any surgery

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Cardiac treatment without any surgery


“Even though Ayurveda speaks in-depth about cardiac treatment; it was my father through his observations and mental conclusions developed this into a special branch of medicine.” It is the experience of thousands of people that the Pockanchery physicians can cure any kind of heart disease without any surgery.

This treatment involves treating those who suffer from cardiac myopathy, coronary artery diseases, heart failures, those who had heart attacks more than 2 times, those who underwent bypass surgery, those who had to do angioplasty more than once, high blood pressure, and diabetes within 100 days and getting them back to their best of health along with a strong heart. Along with medicine, it is very important that the patients follow the procedure prescribed by the physician to get back to normalcy.

Due to the improper working of the heart, various patients who were asked to replace their hearts end up distressed at the Pockanchery center. It is here, at Pockanchery that they get solace and peace of mind from all these tensions. Similarly, the Pockanchery physicians have their own expertise in treating diabetes, menstrual issues, skin diseases, liver diseases, and kidney diseases as well.