Cardiac treatment without any surgery

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Cardiac treatment without any surgery


“Even though Ayurveda speaks extensively about cardiac treatment, it was my father’s observations and mental conclusions that developed this into a special branch of medicine.” Thousands of people have reported that Pockanchery physicians can cure any type of heart ailment without surgery.

Within 100 days, those suffering from cardiac myopathy, coronary artery diseases, heart failures, those who have had heart attacks more than twice, those who have undergone bypass surgery, those who have had angioplasty more than once, high blood pressure, and diabetes will be treated and returned to their best of health, along with a strong heart. Along with medication, it is critical that patients follow the process given by the doctor.

Various people who were asked to have their hearts replaced end up in difficulty at the Pockanchery centre due to faulty heart function. They get relief and peace of mind from all of their anxieties at Pockanchery. Similarly, Pockanchery physicians are skilled in treating diabetes, menstruation problems, skin illnesses, liver ailments, and renal diseases.